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Founded in Arezzo in 1968, Monnalisa is among our favorite designers for girls. Meticulous attention to quality, details and refined design differentiate Monnalisa from the competition: a differentiation consolidated year after year and that has led this brand to be a leader in the panorama of Italian fashion. Brilliant and imaginative prints are inspired by enchanted worlds where the dream is what makes reality real. The very wide color palettes and the feminine lines accompany the little dreamers in sweet universes made of love and tenderness. The patterns are many: from solid colors to famous fairy tale characters, from stars to little hearts, from planets to sequins. Our selection aged 0-16 years is playful, fashion and incredibly glamorous: there are t-shirts, pants, skirts and girl party dresses. With a romantic-contemporary attitude that makes it suitable for even the most special occasions, Monnalisa reconfirms itself from season to season, between scents and colors, as a reference point for girls formal clothing.

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